dr_cattafestaGeneral and Cosmetic Dentistry

Cattafesta Dentistry specializes in both general and cosmetic dentistry. For procedures needed for either service, Dr. Cattafesta offers it!

For cosmetic dentistry services in Dulles, VA, Dr. Cattafesta offers:

Periodontal Dental Services

Preventative care on your gums is essential when it comes to having oral hygiene and a healthy mouth! Dr. Cattafesta has a periodontal specialist on site. Periodontal services include:

For any and all periodontal treatments needed in Dulles, VA, Cattafesta Dentistry offers it. Don’t delay an appointment any longer if you’re suffering from bleeding gums, or other symptoms associated with gum disease.

Restorative Dental Services

Teeth are known to withstand some of the most damage over time, that’s why it’s imperative to take care of them twice a day and professionally twice a year! Whether the teeth are fractured or contain cavities, the office of Dr. Cattafesta near Dulles, VA can restore your mouth to a healthy state.

The restorative procedures we offer are:

Preventative Dental Care

In order to keep your mouth a healthy one, you need to include regular dental visits in your routine as well as good at-home dental habits. For information regarding preventative dentistry in Dulles, VA, call the office of Dr. Cattafesta Family Dentistry.

The following is a list of preventative procedures that Dr. Cattafesta provides:


Dr. Cattafesta’s office is experienced in providing Invisalign to correct spaces, crowding and bite problems.

Your Trusted Dulles, VA Dentist

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